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  • Development: Practices/Bullpens
  • The Summer is dedicated to maximum growth of the individual player in an extensive developmental program. The development program will provide the player the best opportunity to improve their baseball and athletic skills.
  • Home Facility:  TBK Bank Sports Complex.  Bettendorf, Iowa
  • Practices: 2x Per week plus dedicated bullpen nights/throwing program
  • Baseball specific measurable work
  • Pitchers Only Program
  • Staff : Most qualified staff in Midwest – In conjunction with Iowa Sticks from Central Iowa.
  • Competition: Tournament Play and Exposure
  • Players will play in some of the best tournaments, with the best teams, in the best venues in the country.  The goal is to challenge the player to increase his level of play while getting the best chance to be seen and showcase his skills
  • Cost: For more information on players costs: Click Here
  • Team rosters will have a set number of players. Those players will register for their tournament fees depending on the team they are assigned after tryouts.  The players fee will be pro rata to include cost of the tournament, coaches expenses, travel etc.
  • Registration Information
  • Events Timeline:
  • Summer HS Training Dates: Late May-Late July/Early August
  • Games/Leagues/Tournaments Played: Mid May – End of July
  • Regular Registration Deadline: May 1
  • Tryout Deadline: Verbal Commitment form – see Headquarters)
  • Registration: Cost of Program
  • Base Cost :  Includes the following
  • Practices (Late May – End July)
  • Off day/weekend scrimmages
  • Developmental nights
  • Visits/talks from pro scouts, college coaches, professional players and more
  • Special guest instructors for certain positions and certain topics
  • Additional cost for team members not included in Base Cost
  • Pro rata entry fee for tournaments
  • College days
  • Uniform fee (if needed)
  • Travel expenses
  • Additional Information
  • Parent/Player Conduct Policy
  • PLAYERS – Rules and Expectations: Every member of the team should recognize that the QC Sticks organization is a ‘First Class’ organization. QC Sticks baseball will set the standard for a professionally ran high school sports program.
  • Players are not allowed to argue with coaches, parents or umpires for any reason.
  • Foul language and profanity are not tolerated at any time.
  • Good sportsmanship is a quality that is exemplified by our players. Taunting of your own, as well as opposing players, fans or umpires, will not occur.
  • Self indulgence by players, such as hanging one’s head after an error or mental mistake, pouting over personal failure, will have no place on the team.
  • Players and parents will be required to sign a conduct contract before being allowed to play.
  • The rules and expectations listed herein are in place to ensure the quality development of our teams while maintaining the integrity of our organization. Any (parents or players) violations of these rules will be handled by the following manner.
  • A formal warning will be issued and documented
  • A suspension from participation in at least one (1) game but no more than two (2) weeks will be issued and documented.
  • Possible expulsion from the QC Sticks Baseball Organization.
  • PARENTAL PARTICIPATION:  Expectations & Rules: The success of the QC Sticks depends on the commitment of everyone in our organization. Parents are encouraged to attend practices and games. You may be called upon to help with scorekeeping and other items. Game coaching responsibilities are assigned by the director to officially designated persons only.
  • Rules for Parents:
  • We want the QC Sticks to be known as a “Class Organization” We ask that parents, relatives, and friends attending the games absolutely do not abuse umpires, opposing coaches or players as well as our own players in any way. Allow the players to play the game as they have been coached. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  • During games, parents are respectfully asked to remain a good distance away from the dugouts unless asked by the coaches. Players are instructed not to talk to their parents and friends while a game is in progress. Please allow the only adult contact with your son during a game to be the coaching staff.
  • Any parent challenging the authority of a QC Sticks coach will asked to leave the team. Verbal or physical abuse of coaches will not be tolerated.
  • The QC Sticks Baseball reserves the right to “suspend” parents from attending games at the discretion of the Director.
  • Parents that may have concerns or questions are required to follow proper procedure.
  • Never address the coach before, during or immediately following a game or practice. Make an appointment.
  • Always follow proper chain of command – Coach – Director
  • Never discuss other players when addressing a concern
  • Email is not for conflict resolution. It is simply for fact gathering.
  • Tournament Cancellation Policy
  • Importance of keeping your tournament commitment:
  • Tournament registrations normally have to be made months in advance of the tournament.  The QC Sticks will try to maintain great relationships with some of the best tournament hosts throughout the country.  In order to accomplish this, it is important to attend the events that we register to attend.  We must pay, register, send rosters etc. to these tournaments in order for them to do the necessary work to set our organization up with great competition and exposure opportunities.
  • We have a very limited cancellation policy by the individual player in which a refund will be given.
  • In order to receive a refund you must meet the following criteria…
  • You must notify a staff member of the QC Sticks in writing that you can not attend any of the scheduled events
  • The reason for the cancellation has to be valid and approved by the director or staff.(injury, family concern etc.).
  • The staff member needs to be notified at least three (3) weeks prior to the tournament for a refund.
  • No refunds within 3 weeks of the tournament as the cost for the tournaments have already gone out.
  • Within 3 weeks, you may choose to find a replacement from within the organization and upon approval of the QC Sticks staff, and be reimbursed by that replacement (upon approval of the replacement)
  • If the QC Sticks staff finds a replacement for you, your entry fee may be  non-refundable.
  • The trip must be within driving distance.  There will be no refunds issued for trips in which airfare is required.  Replacements are allowed if you can find one and they will reimburse you.
  • NOTE: If a tournament cancels or changes format, the QC Sticks are not responsible for  personal non-refundable travel, hotel, or any unforeseen costs associated with that tournaments decision to cancel or change format.


  • Training + Competition:
  • Practices
  • Players will generally attend 2 practices a week
  • 1st Practice of the Week –  Special/Developmental Practices
  • Special practices may include:  Recruiting talks, college coaches attending, scouts attending, developmental practices, guest instructors, positions specific training and more…
  • 2nd Practice of the week – Generally team/age specific practices
  • Other Training
  • Bullpens – Generally held 1 time per week (Usually Wednesdays)
  • NOTE: For players who are unable to practice on a regular basis (out of town players) and still want to be on the QC Sticks team , you will need approval from QC Sticks Staff.
  • Exposure/Evaluation
  • Players will participate in the top competitive and exposure tournaments in the country.
  • Players may also get exposure in front of colleges/scouts at team practices and workouts
  • Players may get additional exposure from some of the top recruiting, player ID companies in the country.  Past agreements have been with PBR, Next Step Sports Advising and more
  • The Sticks organization have averaged 25-30 players that move on to play college baseball every year.


  • QC Sticks will play in 4- 5 tournaments in June/July depending upon availability
  • Fees will be paid 5/15-5/20
  • Past Events attended/ Possible future events:
  • Various National Tournaments
  • Various Regional Tournaments
  • New Summer Midwest tournaments
  • PBR top 32 – Grand Park – Indianapolis, IN
  • Perfect Game Midwest – Cedar Rapids,, IA
  • Perfect Game WWBA – Ft. Meyers, FL
  • Mizuno Classic – Phoenix, AZ
  • Arizona Fall Classic – Peoria, AZ
  • Desert Classic – Las Vegas, NV
  • Scout Stop – Minneapolis, MN
  • Iowa Day – University of Iowa (Sticks Exclusive)
  • Creighton Day – Omaha, NE (Sticks Exclusive)
  • PBR “Scouted By” – Bettendorf, IA @ TBK
  • PBR Limited Series – Bettendorf, IA @ TBK
  • PBR Wood Bat Exposure – Des Moines, IA
  • PBR NE Prospects – Omaha, NE
  • PDP Invite, USA Complex – Cary, NC


  1. Tuesdays Individual Skill work/measurable work
  2. Wednesdays Bullpens/measurable work
  3. Thursdays Team Concepts/Scrimmages/extra work
  4. Parent/player Meeting: TBD
  5. Practice Begins Tuesday: 5/28
  6. First Tournament: June
  7. Practice Ends Thursday Late July/Early August
  8. Last Tournament Late July/Early August
  9. Fall Practice (Separate Registration): Begins Mid-August with tryouts if necessary in May and June

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